How does your Lease To Own Program compare to a home mortgage?

  • Small down payment
  • Easy qualification process
  • Earn equity quicker
  • Ability to select your monthly payment

How large of a down payment do you require?

In exchange for the ability to buy your home in 2-3 years at today's price, we ask for 1% up front. You may also hear this down payment referred to as Option money.  This money offers you a huge amount of value, because when your home increases in value you can still buy at the lower price. 

What is the monthly rent?

Your monthly payment for the home is up to you!  We present you with several options, which will allow you to either earn the largest possible monthly credit or keep the lowest monthly amount. Regardless of your choice, you will be able to pay as little in rent as your neighbor, but with the great benefit of earning a credit every month!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, the up front deposit amount is equal to your first month's rent.  You will get this deposit back at the closing table, when you are ready to buy the home.

How high does my credit score have to be?

There is no credit requirement!  We select our future tenents based solely on a clean rental history, while ensuring that you have the ability to comfortably make the monthly payment.

I'm a landlord, how can I utilize your services?

Visit our partner company Apex Landlord Services for further assistance in building and managing your rental portfolio

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